While Ibiza evokes a more casual and relaxed luxury than Monaco, St Tropez or Porto Vecchio, visitors come to Ibiza because they share a certain lifestyle. It's not just a matter of taste, or of social standing, but is rather a matter of feeling. Secretive and selective, Black List can offer an enchanting parenthesis between your outside life and your desire for a sumptuous interior, bringing together the beautiful and unexpected, without falling into the norms. That is what Black List offers. Unforgettable moments are made out of exceptional places, places of fantasy, well-being, and pleasure. Black List takes pride in helping you create these unforgettable moments in magical Ibiza.

Our Savoir Faire

After having studied in France, lived in Asia and Greece, Bruno Lizot decided to set up his own luxury property management company, also including event organization and other personalized events. For many years, he held high-level managerial positions within the hotel, fashion, luxury and jewelry industries, followed by event management, with the common thread between all being Excellence. With his heart having set on Ibiza 15 years ago, Bruno, as a coordinator and consultant, wants to put his experience, creativity and his keen sense of event organization to making your time in Ibiza unique year-round, whether planning a high-end event on your property, or a personalized travel route of the island — with all of it being imagined as a dream.

Bruno Lizot

Bruno Lizot,
Top Properties Direction
and Life Style Planner


The comfort, security and high-end service of a hotel in the privacy of your villa, 365 days a year : this is possible with Black List ! Whether you are in Barcelona, Paris, Zurich, London or Moscow, Black List looks after the well-being of your property all year long. Managing your personnel, taking care of your gardens, and looking after your pets, no need to worry, Black List will take care of everything !


Whether baroque or design, Black List surrounded itself with the business's best interior decorators, to set up a house which fits you. Exclusive furniture, Cocoon bedding or kaleidoscopic mosaics, our experts will meet your expectations, whether it be for a dinner party, or to turn a dream into reality.

Beautiful flowers

For a diner, a party, or of course, whether just for your own pleasure, Black List creates bouquets, flower arrangements, and other smell-awakening marvels.

Champagne & Caviar

For an exceptional moment, where the good and the beautiful come together in a harmony of sweetscented flavors. The Tsar caviar of yore for present day gourmets engulfed in sparkling wondrous bubbles... Black List offers you a culinary trip, from a selection of the best caviars and champagnes, from the shores of the Caspian Sea to Champagne-Ardennes.


Your house

Gastronomy at home

The menu is created at your home, in your kitchen, or in your garden! Conceptualization & organization of gourmet luncheons and dinners at home by a Michelin-starred chef. In addition, la Cuisine du Marché, authentic,savory and modern,highlights natural and purified flavors, and also presents new detox dishes. Whether it is summer or winter, la Cuisine du Marché has a great offering of new creations and variations.

In-home cooking classes

Traditional or Molecular.

Beauty Dream

All high-end hotels generally offer a large pool. Black List offers more :

  • Circuit training sur mesure avec coach privé. Possibilité de parcours en extérieurs.
  • Facial treatments
  • Therapeutic massages
  • Manucure et pédicure
  • Nail add-ons
  • Hair and make-up


Black List puts in place a sustainable development model to bring pertinent solutions to your outdoor requests while respecting nature's balance. Conscious of our society's environmental preoccupations, eco-responsible thinking is well-integrated into our outdoor work, from handmade outdoor furnishings to ponds or pools. We prone values which take into account the sustainability of nature's potential. By making responsible choices, tomorrow's future can be built.



Beyond a standard trip to Ibiza, Black List offers one-of-a-kind experiences. Escape for a romantic week-end in a hot-air balloon, with caviar pearls and champagne bubbles joining you on board. The ideal setting to watch the sun rise. Fly over the dream island in helicopter up to Menorca to enjoy traditional lobster, or discover the exquisite Formentera aboard one of our famous Rivas. Other exclusive Black List surprises await you! Want to organize a private party, a royal anniversary, or simply relish sharing moments of delight? Black List makes your dreams reality.

Simply Riva !

Do you want to get a truly one-of-a-kind tour of Ibiza ? Black List presents you with the possibility to privatize a gorgeous mahogany and chrome collectors' boat, symbol of the first-rate Rivas. You will be welcomed by the crew, and will navigate the islands of Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca, while enjoying champagne, caviar pearls and other sweet delights.

Hot-air balloon – Oxygen !

Departure to the sky from your garden ! This wonderful balloon awaits you for an oxygen trip ! Fly over Ibiza, its islets, its creeks in the wilderness and fishermen cabins. Black List will show you Ibiza like you've never seen it ! Champagne and other delights possible on board.

Helicopter – Up in the air !

To climb aboard a helicopter is already quite exceptional... To fly over Ibiza or Formentera by helicopter, or to head to Menorca to relish in crayfish, it's spectacular! Turn in the 4x4 for a helicopter! Black List will make sure your flight will be an unforgettable experience.

Fireworks – colors !

Surprise your guests with the most beautiful fireworks, whether for a special evening or a wedding. An unforgettable moment for the eyes. Our highly-qualified team will advise you in your search. An original performance for an exceptional moment.


Ibiza being the island of symphony and light, Black List offers you at home the best DJs and Video Jays.


We are working with the best specialists and friends for your pleasure.

Black list is always happy to welcome new partners to turn your dream into reality.

Bruno Lizot

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